The track is open
On Sunday, September 19, the kart track is closed due to the federal day of prayer.
Protective measures

Welcome back!

We are very happy that we will be allowed to reopen from 01 March 2021 from 13.30!

We must continue to adhere strictly to the safety and hygiene concept.


The following measures must be observed:

- A maximum of 15 people (including staff) are allowed in the shop at any one time.

- Masks are compulsory in all interior rooms.

- Anyone who is ill or feels ill, especially if they have a fever or cough, is not permitted to enter the Lyss kart track.




Special regulations for rental karting:

- Ticket purchase as usual at the ticket office.

- Afterwards, the riders wait in the waiting zone until the corresponding ride starts.

- After the ride and depositing the helmet, the exit is signalled accordingly.

- Until further notice, overalls will not be provided.



Thank you for your visit and active compliance with safety measures. Stay healthy.

Reopening of the Kartbahn Kappelen AG